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Oh, hell no to the hammer toe! These common and painful deformities are the bane of high-heeled life. Though often caused by arthritis, foot injuries and genetics, the most common cause is shoes that don’t fit. Having toe joints sticking out can cause them to rub and a person may walk differently, risking  even worse foot problems.


No matter how pretty the pumps may be, if shoes are too tight, too short, or too pointy, they push the toes out of balance. This combination of shoe puts particularly severe pressure on the toe, however if you aren’t ready to give up on them yet, there are some ways to prevent this curse.


Often, feet are the last muscle you think of working out – but spare them a though next time you exercise, because it’s the best way to fend off a hammer toe. Yamuna Zake explains the practice best, ‘Using the Yamuna Foot Fitness and Save Your Feet programs keep all the muscles and bones in the feet aligned and functioning correctly.  When you learn how to use your feet optimally you will be less apt to form hammer toes. It is commonly believed that the shortening of the extensor muscles to the toes pulls the toes in forming hammertoes. What we have found is it is both the extensors and flexors to the toes that are both short and need to be lengthened equally to straighten the toes.’


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More is more when it comes to shoe room- shoes that are too small are never your friend, always opt for shoes made with a wider and deeper toe box.


Zake says, ‘When your feet are cramped in shoes shortening all the muscles and pushing the toes in towards the ball of the foot forming hammer toes, you can easily come home and take your shoes off and do 5-10 minutes of work to unwind, tone, and free your feet from constriction. By learning how to work with your feet with these programs you can wear whatever shoes you desire confidently because you will know what to do to care for your feet.’



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