Words by Yamuna Zake

A breast cancer diagnosis can be one of the most overwhelming, terrifying experiences that a woman can experience in life. The oncologists and surgeons have one aim – ensuring survival. Once their jobs is complete and the journey of a Cancer-free life begins, there’s a distinct possibility that additional changes may have occurred in the body, changes that you weren’t made aware of prior, during or post treatment.

The ability to use the arms and shoulders can be limited and complaints of stiffness in these areas are common after treatment. As can be expected, it may be hard to breathe due to the trauma to the rib cage during treatment. Feeling vulnerable and not yet comfortable in the body after this devastating disease is so very common. Another breast cancer related complaint might occur in the feet.

You may question – what do the feet have to do with breast cancer?

Although discomfort in the feet may not seem important in the big picture of saving your life, experiencing foot pain, post-op or post-treatment can be a somewhat debilitating side effect. Very often chemotherapy and radiation can cause the circulation in the body to become compromised. The extremities of the body often suffer the most in the aftermath of these treatments. The feet often begin to hurt or develop neuropathy as they suffer from poor circulation. This presents as tingling or burning sensations or the feet can become numb.

There may be a lack of desire and energy after the breast cancer treatment process, which is understandable – the body is healing it needs rest. However, the feet are safe to work. They are the place in your body where you can be safely proactive during and post cancer treatments.

The feet are an important part of the body to nurture and strengthen in order to support the healing process. By stimulating the feet, blood flow circulation is improved. Waking up all the reflexes in the feet can help to stimulate all the vital organs that are affected after the various treatments and drugs used. Developing a daily foot practice can help you stay stronger and have more energy to keep you going through the entire treatment and recovery process.

Let your feet help your body to heal. Take 5-15 minutes a day to learn, develop and practice techniques that will build strong, pain-free feet, toes and ankles. Implementing foot work routines into post-op recovery practices will energise and provide overall therapy to the body, improving the quality of how you feel, whilst decreasing the negative after effects of treatment within the feet.

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This piece has been edited and condensed. This content is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking it based on information from this content. 

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