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YAMUNA® Body – Foot Ecstasy


YAMUNA® Body – Foot Ecstasy


YAMUNA® Body Foot Ecstasy Crème


This crème has been formulated with a special proprietary blend of essential oils to moisturize, and stimulate healing. The benefits obtained from daily use include igniting the foot meridians, improving circulation, and reducing fluid retention. The ingredients are anti-viral, bacterial, and fungal to ensure that your feet receive the care and love they deserve.
Use YAMUNA® Foot Ecstasy as a daily remedy to maintain your feet and experience the power of self-healing. We believe that beauty and the maintenance of our bodies is a proactive experience. The greater we participate, the healthier and more beautiful you will look and feel.

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Foot Ecstasy Crème from YAMUNA® BODY BLENDS




Daily Foot Ritual Application:




Start with the toes:
• Begin by placing a small amount of crème onto your finger tips and slowly massage into and between each toe.

• Gently pull on each toe to stretch and lengthen it as you massage the crème in and around each one.

• Add a touch more of the crème and gently press in between each toe separating each toe and metatarsal. Press in the direction of the ankle.



Now the ball of the foot:
• Add crème to your hands and apply directly to the ball of the foot.

• Repeat in a rhythmic motion, intended to soften the hardness and relax the ball of the foot.

• Continue massaging the crème into the area between the ball of the foot and the heel. This will relax the plantar fascia and the tendons that travel to the toes.

Now the Sides and Bottom of the Heels:
• Add crème and deeply massage the bottom and sides of the heels.

• Take time to thoroughly massage the dorsal side of your foot, which will ignite the meridian points located here.

• Applying Foot Ecstasy crème before arising from bed each morning, which will add lightness to your step, or massage into your feet before bedtime to relax for a comfortable sleep.
SIZE: 200ml