The YAMUNA® Retreat – Ibiza

The YAMUNA® Retreat – Ibiza

Full Immersion Retreat package  from YAMUNA® Zake. 


The most luxurious of all of the YAMUNA® offerings is THE RETREAT.

The YAMUNA® Retreat takes place on the magical island of Ibiza. All attendees will enjoy the serenity of forty four lush acres, healthy Tuscan food, breathing clean air and receiving body treatments that include Yamuna’s specially-prepared clays and body salt scrubs – all while looking out on the beautiful Mediterranean.

A small group of no more than ten participants are personally guided on an intensive journey by Yamuna herself, accompa­nied by her top practitioners. The program is comprised of educational group classes, individual hands-on diagnostic sessions and therapeutic body treatments, all customised for you by Yamuna.

Each person fills out a detailed body and food questionnaire so that Yamuna personally, along with her most highly trained staff can help each person achieve their desired goals during the week. The morning classes are 4 hours daily, the focus is on each guest and what the body needs during each session. As the Retreat is 7 days, the morning classes can become much more intensive depending on the needs of the individual guests. There is normally 3 practitioners to 10 guests so there is lots of hands on attention throughout the classes.

The YAMUNA® Retreat is highly recommended when you are looking for deep and lasting life changes and need to heal. We normally have a 70% repeat guest rate. People really see the positive changes and want to go deeper and deeper. The amazing thing about the YAMUNA® work is that once you begin, your body does not forget. Each new session you attend your body improves from where you last reached.

Fees include everything but flight, alcohol and local excursions.


Price Upon Request – For further details, please contact

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The Yamuna® Retreat

“Give me a week and I will change your life.”

—Yamuna Zake

Full Immersion The invitation to get away from everything that defines your life in an effort to find out how you can really be. The challenge to envision your body goal and commit to it. The Promise that at the end of seven days, you will know how to keep all of the changes you’ve experienced because you will have the education and the tools to keep it going for the rest of your life.





Price Upon Request – For further details, please contact