The YAMUNA® Body School – St Lucia

The YAMUNA® Body School – St Lucia

Join Yamuna for her first Body Sustainability intensive in St. Lucia. Daily, she will guide you through a deep exploration into your body’s logic using all the self healing education created over the past thirty years.

Step away from your life and come explore your unique Body Logic. Go deep into your own body, learning how to navigate through your anatomy. Learn how each part of your body’s structure should and can function. Through daily classes, experience the opening of restricted pathways. Learn how to free built up, contained energy making it available to you again!

During these 4 days Yamuna will conduct daily classes beginning with activating your true power of breathing. All morning sessions are given personally by Yamuna.

In the afternoon private sessions are available with Yamuna’s most experienced Yamuna® Body Logic, Yamuna® Table Treatment, Yamuna® Foot Fitness and Face practitioners.

It is highly recommended to book these prior to the date we begin because they will book quickly.

Price Upon Request – For further details, please contact


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The YAMUNA® Body School – St Lucia  from YAMUNA® Zake. 

After watching so many people expecting others to fix them and after years of working with people to help them solve their body problems, Yamuna Zake decided that what people really need is a Body School. We go to school to learn problem solving and other skills, but when it comes to our bodies we are really quite helpless.  Whenever we feel pain, we call our physicians and in many cases we think the doctors and specialists let us down if the problem is left unresolved in one or more visits.

The YAMUNA® Body School is life changing because in 4-5 days you learn your basic anatomy, and you learn how to align your body and problem solve in almost every joint. Yamuna decided that the Yamuna® Body School had to be super easy to understand and logical so that it makes sense to every attendee. The Body School is organised in order of what Yamuna feels is most important for general health and longevity. The most important areas to focus on are taught every morning so that you retain them and can easily continue the work at home. Repetition helps the body and mind to remember and you also notice the results quicker.

Price Upon Request – For further details, please contact