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Words by George Douglas-Davies

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Research commissioned by The Weather Channel and YouGov shows that as much as 20% of the world’s population is affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder in varying degrees. SAD is a depression that comes and goes with the seasons and is caused by a lack of sunlight, resulting in a decrease in serotonin levels. Women are four times more likely to suffer than men, however, research shows that most women have something most men don’t – a passion for shoes.

Though these two facts may not seem remotely related, it does raise the idea that amongst treatments that include Light Therapy and keeping active, a little help from fashion and colour wouldn’t go amiss.

Natural sunlight comes in a variety of wavelengths, and it is particularly rich in light at the blue end of the spectrum. This blue light activates the serotonin, so in keeping with the neurotransmitter’s favourite colour, look to this season’s cooler tones. These include the idyllic sounding ‘Surf Spray’ and an exotic ‘Turkish Sea’ blue, perfect if you’re dreaming of warmer climes.


With the worst months of SAD being January and February, power through to Spring with a cocktail of colour. Try incorporating vibrant shades into your outfit choices, such as ‘Shocking Pink’ to bring about feelings of newness and optimism. Alternatively adding, luminous colour options such as ‘Citrine Yellow’ will add a jolt of energy and light to Seasonal Affective Disorder.



If you aren’t big on colour blocking, experiment with trims or feature details in these tones. Picking design features that remind you of Spring are also the perfect mood lifter – especially brights and floral prints.


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