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Whether travelling for work or heading off on a fabulous vacation we often don’t realise just how much the overall process of travelling can affect us. Packing, itinerary planning, arranging transportation, remembering  passports and all the other tasks on the ‘travel to-do list’ can impact on stress levels before even stepping foot on the plane. People frequently arrive to their destination exhausted and feel the effects of travel, most commonly in their feet.

Travelling on planes, trains, and by car can effect the circulation in the feet. Whether you realise it or not, simply sitting for hours during your travels begins to slow down circulation into your feet. Due to this, very often people experience swelling, discomfort and tiredness in the ankles, feet and legs. When you have to be energised and ready to work after you reach your destination, such complications can negatively affect your mood, work performance, or simply ruin the first day of a long-awaited vacation. Experienced travellers know that you must try to stand and walk around as much as possible to keep your feet and legs from retaining fluid and losing circulation.




Here is a list of suggestions to help your feet actually improve during your travels:

  1. If you are on an airplane or train you need to get up and walk around.
  2. Take your shoes off and let your feet relax without being squished into shoes.
  3. Move your toes as much as you can, remember to keep them activated.
  4. Flex and point your feet and ankles. Pull your toes and feet as far as you can towards the leg and then extend them pointing the toes as much as you can. 5-10 times in each direction.
  5. Do circular stretches moving your feet fully clockwise and then counterclockwise. 5-10 times in each direction
  6. Carry your Yamuna Foot Wakers in your bag and stand on these to work your feet several times during the flight. The Foot Wakers improve circulation, wake up the reflex points in your feet, keep you energized and will prevent the sluggish feelings you often feel after traveling.

In order to feel energetic and fuel your hydration, drink plenty of water, especially during long flights. Once you get to your destination, pull your Foot Wakers out immediately and work your feet for 5-10 minutes. This will immediately energise you and revive you.

Very often people need a couple days to get accustomed to the new environment, time zone change, and effects of travel. However, if you work on your feet morning and night, you stimulate your entire body and boost your circulation and metabolism. You can absolutely recharge your body from your feet simply doing 5-10 minutes daily during your entire trip.

If you are out all day touring and walking, using the Foot Wakers upon arriving back to your room will boost you right back up and have you ready for what is next. On similar occasions people tend to take a nap, but if you work on your feet you will feel revitalised quickly.

For those of you who tend to retain fluid in your ankles, the Foot Wakers will be your best friend. In the heat and after days of walking, the ankles and feet can get quite sore and swollen. Using the Foot Wakers for 5 minutes after a full day of intense working or touring will prevent and improve the circulation and the fluid retention build up.


Staying mindful in your feet and making sure you are using your feet correctly is key to improving your feet and ankles whilst on vacation or when working abroad. The Yamuna Walking Test can help you focus on your feet and actually train you to use your entirety of your feet when walking. This can prevent and help you to maintain healthy feet and avoid the common foot breakdowns that way too many people suffer from today. Check out the Yamuna Walking Test below.

This piece has been edited by the MYSHUBOX Editorial team. 

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