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Words by MYSHUBOX.COM Editorial Team 

The MYSHUBOX editorial team have carefully curated a list of the best spots to visit in London in order to keep you sane during fashion week. From mood-boosting treatments to restaurants and cafes that will give you a “healthy high” we’ve got you covered!



IV Drip treatments at the London Elixir Clinic

The London Elixir Clinic is located on 75 Wimpole Street, in Marylebone and is now also within the Ned’s club spa. Alongside personalised treatments, the “mood boost immunity or detox” IV drips are must haves to get through Fashion Week.



Dynamic Meditation (sophrology) at the BeSophro Clinic in London

The dynamic meditation classes at the BeSophro clinic in Mayfair offer group or private sessions, that utilise a combination of breathing and visualisation exercises as well as stretches to bring focus to the present and build confidence. Sophrology has been given rave reviews by athletes, celebrities and co-founder of The Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington who is an avid user of the therapy.


High Heel MOT at The London Foot Clinic

If you are a habitual heel wearer who experiences foot discomfort and cannot bare the thought of giving up on beautiful heels, MYSHUBOX.COM recommends visiting the London Foot Clinic. During this treatment a specialist foot doctor will check the feet and advise on how to reduce your discomfort as well as recommending any treatments that may be necessary for healing. Open the  ‘Indulge Box’  and book your High Heel MOT available at MYSHUBOX.COM.


Sole of London at DG Podiatrist

The Sole of London consists of an Ayurvedic pedicure followed by Tri-Dosha treatment, which is exclusively available at DG Podiatrist based at 58 South Molton Street. This treatment includes hot oil compress, foot massage, foot wrap and an invigorating lotion- leaving your feet light, revived and silky smooth. This is the ideal treatment for any shoe loving fashionistas and is an absolute self-care staple, book your treatment here available from the MYSHUBOX ‘Indulge Box’.





This American Vegan restaurant based in Covent Garden serves delicious plant-based comfort food making it the perfect place to meet up for an enjoyable bite to eat during London Fashion Week. The by CHLOE mouth watering menu features a line of CBD (Cannabidol, an ingredient derived from cannabis) infused products aptly named ‘FEELZ’. CBD has proven to provide a multitude of health benefits including pain relief, in addition to reducing inflammation and may assist with sleep deprivation without inducing ‘all the feels’ of a mind-altering “high”.



Maison Bab

There is no Fashion-Week without yummy cocktails! Visit Soho-based restaurant and bar Maison Bab. The “Gin & Chronic” is a sour yet herby mix of CBD oil, a Bombay Sapphire lemon version of a ‘G&T’, that will help you uplift and unwind at the end of a full day attending shows.


Kalifornia Kitchen

For a post show “pick-me-up” visit Kalifornia Kitchen, Fitzrovia. Try their CBD-infused lattes and elevate your cup of joe with the range of immunity-boosting shots offered on the menu.



Westbourne grove’s Farmacy is one of the most successful vegan and vegetarian restaurants in London, offering a range of tasty dishes free from dairy, refined sugars, additives and chemicals. De-stress and unwind over a lovely meal or reserve an afternoon “high tea” with a selection of sweet and savoury treats, cocktails and hemp leaf tea, all infused with CBD.



Farm Girl

Farm Girl is a classic London spot for delicious and equally nutritious brunch. Alongside beautiful interiors in their Soho and Chelsea locations, their mouth-watering menu and variety of dairy-free lattes will leave you spoilt for choice. ‘Pre-game’ on a plate of berry pancakes and the happy hot-choc before attending shows during Fashion Week.


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