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Something borrowed, something blue, something old and don’t forget the shoes!

With the big day on the horizon, you may be obsessing about finding the dress of your dreams. Every intricate detail from colour to style and material, will be considered. The dress is EVERYTHING. However, let us not forget that picking the right pair of heels can also contribute to whether you are remembered as a beautiful blushing bride or a brooding Bridezilla! The actual marriage is the easy part – the real task on the day is to keep the heels without experiencing pain.

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you get through your ‘I do’s’ in heels, fabulous and pain free.

  1. Focus on style without sacrifice

From stilettos to kitten heels – Heels come in a range of heights, shapes and thickness’ so picking a manageable combination is crucial. Block heels are a bold and workable option to maintain your poise and grace on your big day. Block heels increase your balance and ensure weight is distributed evenly at the heel. Experimenting with heel heights can help further reduce the stress and make the first dance a walk in the park.

  1. Size matters

When picking heels for your magical day, ensuring a perfect fit is just as important as picking the perfect man. Heels that are too snug will cause foot problems such as blisters and heels that are too loose may cause rubbing and chaffing. A good idea is to find a collection with half sizes. A half size may be exactly what is needed to so that the feet are pain free throughout your big day.

  1. Test run

Like the dating stage, you must take the heels on test runs to prove compatibility. Once you have found the shoes, try them on, then try them on again. It’s important to get a feel for the shoes in a real environment. At home the shoes should be worn around the house for at least 30 minutes daily 2-3 months before your wedding day in order to comfortably mould the shoes to the shape of your feet.

  1. Perfect Your Posture

Posture can greatly affect the way you feel when wearing heels. Keeping your head high and shoulders back will not only please your mother and make you exude elegance, it will also improve your gait – improving the way your body transfers weight when walking. Try practicing your posture while wearing your heels in front of a mirror. Balance a small object on your head to ensure you maintain form. The exercise below from our Fit For Footwear Series will help you to glide gracefully as you balance perfectly in your wedding day heels.


  1. Prep the feet

In the run up to your big day you may have spent countless hours in the gym, the same principle applies for the feet. Preparing the feet for the hours ahead is vital. You can try simple 5 minute Foot Fitness exercises such as these to strengthen the feet and they can be carried out from the comfort of your sofa – gym membership not required!

  1. Stretch the feet.

Maintaining your new found foot fitness will prove invaluable, in determining whether you are happily mingling with your guests or excusing yourself regularly for a seated break. Using our Foot Waker Kit from Yamuna Zake, will give you a great foot workout. The kit will ensure that you feel more strength and less discomfort in the calves, heels and toes so that your feet are as ready as you are for the big day ahead.


  1. Take a break. 

The ‘I dos’ are complete, the first dance has become the 10th dance and the evening festivities are well underway – congratulations, you survived and you’ve earned it!


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