Words by Dina Gohil

Although Winter can get a bit of a bad rep, it can be a wonderful time of the year. Think warm fires, oversized everything, hibernation, hot chocolate and who can forget comforting food, hmmmm bring on the French onion soup! Winter is also the time of the year when leisurely commitments are often rearranged until temperatures and hemlines rise.

However, if you’re a fantastic friend who won’t let the sharp Winter breeze put you off your weekly catch up brunch with your bestie, here are some tips to ensure your tootsies are cosy and cared for until sandal season arrives.



Poor Circulation 

If your feet are always cold and you suffer from poor circulation, wearing a warmer blend of material or even thermal insulated socks can help achieve that fireside feeling throughout the day. Sheepskin insoles can further help to insulate your feet and prevent them from feeling the chill.


Skins & Stability

Ensure your shoes are made from good quality leather or water repellent materials, excellent grip can come in handy when it rains or during snowfall.




Socks & Sizing

If one pair of socks isn’t enough and you decide to layer up, make sure to have enough space in your footwear and not to force your foot to fit your shoes. This can have a negative impact and can cause foot pathologies such as corns, ingrown toenails and athletes foot.

Changing footwear during the Winter is essential for optimum foot health. Should you live in a colder part of the world, dig out the warm boots and archive the slides for the time being in order to support your lower limbs over the next few months.


If you have any concerns about the appearance of your feet or if you need further guidance about how to look after the feet in the Winter, feel free to submit your foot health queries to Your queries will be submitted to registered foot care specialists.

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