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Words by George Douglas-Davies 

Edit by the MYSHUBOX.COM Editorial Team

No ailment, no matter how minor, goes untreated in Western society. Paracetamol is taken for headaches, ibuprofen for inflammation, suffering from insomnia there are sleeping pills,  you get the idea there’s a potion for every pain point.

According to Ancient Indian theories, a simple foot rub is the cure-all treatment that combats a plethora of 21st Century conditions, through chakras. Chakras, the energy centres found throughout our bodies can be harnessed to help maintain a healthy body. There are over 100 chakras throughout the body, however the real power accumulates in the feet, where the chakras can be translated into modern medicine as reflexology.

Little known fact; your feet actually act as a tiny map of the rest of your body. Organs are miniaturised into corresponding areas on the soles of our feet – which I suppose shouldn’t be so surprising seeing as we spend even more time on our feet than we do on our bums (excluding that monthly/weekly/daily Netflix binge.) I mean who knew the spine was connected to the inside of both trotters, toe tickling has the same effects as nose blowing and massaging the big toe can have a positive effect brain function. As reflexology expert Keah Lan tells MYSHUBOX, “Reflexology points mirror the body and if the feet are out of alignment like a kinetic chain the whole body will be out of balance. Take care of your feet and your feet will take care of you.”

A reflexologist must have the certifications you would expect from a doctor to be effective – that means no back alley back rubs! Each pressure point has delicate meridians, and specific body issues must be discussed before proceeding, so whether you are experiencing issues with the lower limbs, or a disrupted sleeping pattern, the right area will be targeted. Unlike other holistic bodywork, you will usually remain fully clothed during a reflexology treatment, with only the feet exposed. The practice works by application of pressure on the skin and nerve endings and aims to unblock the energy by redistributing blood flow and nutrients to ultimately improve health and balance.

There are many places you can visit for treatment, ranging from half hour sessions to full blown feet retreats. We’ve scoured the globe to find the most revered reflexology specialists, here are our top 4.

Keah Lan in London and Monaco

For beginners, we recommend Keah Lan, who aims to bring an experience that offers comfort and conveience. Based in London and Monaco, Keah Lan’s reflexology sessions are unique and have been described as London’s best kept secret. Reflexology with Keah will address imbalances in the body and mind to restore equilibrium.


The Reborn Kuta Spa in Bali

Another great spa to help you find your feet is found in Bali. The Reborn Kuta Bali Spa in Indonesia offers a relaxed atmosphere. Bali has a rich history in holistic treatments, spirituality and wellness. Reborn Kuta also has a juice bar, so you can sit back rehydrate whilst you recharge. Yum!


The Reflexology Retreat in Devon

In the unassuming green swathes of Devon, lies The Reflexology Retreat, the industry leaders’ go-to during times of pressure. Founded by Sarah Anne Groom after she personally struggled with stress and anxiety, children are welcome, but tensions are not!


The Ayurvedic Reflexology Retreat in Southern Spain

For die hard reflexology fans and practitioners, why not immerse yourself in the Ayurvedic Reflexology Retreat? Based in the mountainous valleys of Alpujarran of southern Spain, this is a fantastic environment to concentrate on your chakras whilst developing holistic body working skills from yoga to meditation. Sounds heavenly.

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