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The team at MYSHUBOX.COM are always on the look out for exquisite craftsmanship and devoted foot doctors…who happen to have a strong affinity for heels!

We are excited to announce that after searching high and low, we have found our newest Podiatry Partner – allow us to introduce you to DG Podiatrist. The decision to join forces with the Mayfair based foot doctor was an easy one. Like us, the head honcho behind the brand and principal podiatrist Dina Gohil, BSc (Hons) understands that feet often lose out in the beauty stakes and is on a mission to change this!

As a result of teaming up with DG Podiatrist, luxurious treatments from the brand can be shopped online at MYSHUBOX.COM. Yes, that’s right, this does mean feet treats galore! To those of you who are acquainted with Dina’s work, you’re very welcome and for those who are yet to find out about her healing hands, it’s ok, you can thank us later! Dina will also act as contributing editor to our very own MYSHU News’. The Podiatric powerhouse will provide monthly advisory and educational content – intended to encourage good foot health and wellbeing. You can find the first editorial piece penned by Dina here.

If you’re not familiar with DG Podiatrist or her outstanding foot care skills and immediate transformational results? No worries let us break it down for you…

Founded in 2014, DG Podiatrist offers a luxurious approach to foot health care. Dina Gohil who is registered with both the Health and Care Professional Council and the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, is extremely passionate about providing a truly unique experience at each appointment and believes that ‘tended-to-tootsies’ and more importantly, a greater knowledge of how to keep feet healthy can contribute to improved general wellbeing.

“Nothing inspires me more than helping people maximise the health of their feet – which can have a huge, positive impact on overall health”, explained Dina.

With that being said, Dina is no stranger to high heels and boasts an impressive shoe collection made up of designers such as Stuart Weitzman, YSL, Fendi, Valentino and is a new found Alexander Wang enthusiast after snapping up a couple of pairs from our sale selection!

Dina Said: “As a woman and a podiatrist, I am excited to collaborate with MYSHUBOX.COM. I look forward to the idea of finally being able to find and recommend fashionable shoes that provide elegance and comfort. I can’t wait to discover designers who have the flare to provide both!”

If nourishing and invigorating services are your guilty pleasure, you can click your way over to the MYSHUBOX.COM ‘Indulge Box’ and scratch your itch with one of DG Podiatrist’s popular treatment options such as London’s Medical Pedicure’ or ‘Sole of London’ – a 90-minute Ayurvedic medical pedicure designed to leave the feet feeling light, revived and silky smooth. Time well spent? We believe so! However, if you have a fast paced lifestyle and even busier feet the ‘Express My Feet’ treatment may be a more efficient way of easing that end of day foot ache.

If you’d like to have a chat about the appearance of your feet, get some help with more serious issues such as preventing ingrown toe-nails and corn relief, or if you simply require some tips on how to perfect your signature walk, the DG Podiatrist treatment selection includes a treat for everyone’s feet!

How can you access these signature treatment options you ask? Well it couldn’t be easier, simply add your preferred treatment to your MYSHUBOX shopping bag, checkout and your ‘Virtual Treatment Voucher’ download will be patiently waiting for you in your inbox! When you’re ready to book an appointment contact the MYSHUBOX.COM Concierge team on and request your preferred time. Once appointment times have been confirmed, make your way to the ‘DG Podiatrist 58 South Molton Street’ clinic in Mayfair, one of London’s most sophisticated districts, Mayfair and get ready to experience bliss!


Any beauty obessed woman worth her salt knows the first rule to a beauty regime is consistency. We would recommend block booking popular treatment packages before Dina’s diary fills up before Christmas, she’s very good! Happy Booking!

For further details about the DG Podiatrist consultation service, contact the MYSHUBOX.COM Concierge team on

To Shop DG Podiatrist Click Here. 

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