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Yamuna urges you to set aside everything you know about fitness so you can achieve a body you’ve always wanted; toned, strong, long and lean. Free from pain and able to keep up with whatever you want to do.


Yamuna Zake is the ultimate embodiment of her own work. She created her fitness system thirty years ago to heal herself from injury sustained during labour, culling from her life’s work as a yoga instructor, master bodyworker, herbalist and aromatherapist. The result was her unique philosophy of Body Sustainability and a whole new way for people to transform their bodies. She now advises doctors throughout America on how to tackle the stresses professional athletes and dancers place on their bodies. Yamuna is becoming recognised as an authority on foot function and she has presented her foot fitness philosophy at several conferences and now she is sharing her knowledge with us too!


Body Sustainability means cultivating your best self, regardless of your age. This core principle of Yamuna is about envisioning the body you want to have and turning that into a reality you can celebrate forever. Whether you’re at the top of your game or totally out of shape; you can learn to listen to and understand your own body and use new strategies to avoid the stresses and injuries that age you prematurely. Body Sustainability is the power to maintain yourself at peak condition with strong bones, long muscles, improved circulation and pain free flexibility – whether you’re 20 or 50 or 80 years old. The Yamuna Way is fitness for life.


Yamuna’s believes that whilst we are paying more attention to physical health, we’re not doing enough to take care of our feet. “The idea that we lock our feet up all day and then do nothing for them once we are out of shoes is crazy! We stretch and work out the rest of the body and yet the feet, are left out of most fitness programs. There is something radically wrong with this picture.”


We agree. Pedicures are great but feet need more than pampering. In order to support the feet in sexy stilettos, boots and pretty pumps, the feet require the same strengthening, toning workout as the rest of the body. Yamuna Foot Fitness is the only system of its kind, designed to keep your feet flexible and pain-free. Simple and effective exercises on specially designed half spheres called Foot Wakers, will totally re-educate your feet to distribute pressure over a greater area. This results in reduced stress on the legs and creates better body alignment and posture. Say goodbye to aching arches and throbbing bunions!



The rubber domes are used to wake up the muscles, tendons and bones in the feet – once the technique is mastered on the Foot Wakers and the feet have developed incredible flexibility, wearing even the tallest stilettos feels like walking on air. Her love of expensive shoes keeps her very motivated to maintain optimum foot health! “I wanted to show women how to improve the health of their feet. If you keep the entire foot in shape, you can wear stilettos every night. I can now go from stilettos to Birkenstocks in one day without feeling any pain anywhere,” says Yamuna.


Yamuna has successfully helped 1000s of people prevent and recover from foot problems. She advises that the feet actually need very little attention to stay in good working order. She says “Once you begin working on your feet, you will feel improvement in your legs, hips and back also.” After you know how to practice Yamuna® Foot Fitness, you can find which routines work best for you and do as little as 5 minutes a day to keep your feet happy.




In addition to the Foot Wakers, Yamuna’s Body Blends compliment and play a key role in her fitness system. Created to support the notion of Body Sustainability and Foot Fitness, they encourage and enhance fitness and overall health. Not to mention they smell great!




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