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Words by George Douglas-Davies

Edit by MYSHUBOX.COM Editorial Team 

Another glamorous ceremony is fast approaching, the Cannes Film Festival – arguably the chicest and thus strictest of them all. Over 29 thousand people are expected to be at this years festivities and if we assume that half of those attendees will be women – that makes almost 15,000 pairs of heels on show (of course not including Julia Roberts, who may or may not attend barefoot again).

Although the rumor that flats were banned was denied by Cannes’s director, Thierry Frémaux in 2015, it is an unspoken pre-requisite for guests to look their absolute best – for red carpet events this typically involves women in high heeled shoes. Wearing heels consistently over the course of the 11-day occasion may prove difficult, considering that attendees are often required to battle through a plethora of press interviews, photo calls and endless events.

Prior to hair, make up and dress choosing, one should be thinking about preparing the lower limbs in order to survive until midnight without losing ones glass slipper and consequently, dignity. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail, and unless you’re trying to beat J Law’s record number of public tumbles, it’s easily avoided (the only faux pas less sophisticated is flashing one’s underwear).

From washing and waxing to buffing and bronzing a lot of work goes into event season legs. Luxury spas, like The Leg School offer treatments dedicated to our longest limbs, like a facial but for the legs. Natasha Boiarciuc at the Capri Palace Hotel recommends a mud treatment similar to that of a face mask. She says, “the application of special medicated cool mud and bandages with active ingredients improve blood circulation, remove water retention and oxygenate body tissues.”

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Think of the time leading up to Cannes as your bottom-half boot camp. From your calves down to the soles of your feet, there are an arsenal of muscles built to combat this very 21st century problem of habitual high heel wearing, all you have to do is harness them. First, consider your posture. Back pain can be caused by heeled footwear fanaticism, go back to etiquette basics and stack a pile of books on your head to train balance. Ensuring that your weight is evenly distributed throughout your body can correct the emphasis of misplaced pressure on the balls of the feet – try not to lean forward. Of this, foot yogi Yamuna Zake’s told MYSHUBOX, “Stand with your weight a little back into your heels. You will immediately feel your back lengthen upward and any discomfort in the lower back will diminish. When you stand back in your heels your posture improves immediately.” Finally, if you’re outfit allows it, try a posture brace. This may sound melodramatic, but the simple lightweight straps that form a figure of 8 around your shoulder-blades can be worn under clothing with ease and discretion.

Next incorporate foot fitness exercises into your routine, if you don’t have a pair of Foot Wakers, try to lift the heels of your feet slowly off the ground and transfer the body weight onto the balls of the feet, holding the position for up to 3 seconds. Zake suggests that attempting this whilst out and about in your heels, “Keep transferring your weight from the outer ball of the foot to the inner and back again. You can try this without being obvious, only you will know. Just making these small shifts in weight can make a real difference to your level of comfort.”


For those who can’t stand the idea of exercising fear not – there may be a more suitable option. Much like losing weight, you can either get a gym membership or the name of a doctor, and in terms of feet the latter only requires a simple injection. Botox and fillers help relieve the pain in your feet by numbing them and providing more cushioning – a permanent insole no matter whether in flats or heels. In fact, we’ve heard that Loub jobs are the new boob jobs, and you can rest easy knowing you won’t be the only one getting a little something done for the season.

Thicker heels and soles may provide more support, but above all make sure your shoes fit and that they are of a high quality. Choosing shoes that are aesthetically pleasing with great functionality and comfort is imperative when planning to be on the feet for long periods of time. Technical features on the Roasbalet Hub pump provide shock absorption that works like a trampoline for the feet. Anything with a foam insert placed between sole and the inside of the shoe also helps. Finally, when you feel like you’re about to give up at this year’s festival, just remember – heels aren’t allowed on deck and all the best afterparties are hosted on the neighboring yachts, a great chance to restore and rejuvenate the feet.




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