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As much as we would like to pretend that summer is not over, the shorter days and cooler breeze remind us that Autumn has arrived. We understand that style and foot care can sometimes take a back burner in the day to day grind of life, so we have created a Back To Boardroom style guide that will offer fashionable footwear styles and foot care options to compliment your lifestyle.


1. Clerically Chic 



Working in an office space often means spending most of your work day sitting by the computer. Specialists argue that sitting down all day is one of the worst things you can do for your health, as it increases the chances of weight gain, heart disease, stress and back pain. If your work involves being in a seated position for a long time even the smallest alterations to your office routine can lead to long-term health benefits. To help boost your energy and overall work performance, take hourly breaks and stretch your body. Using part of your lunch break for some physical exercise, such as a pilates or a light cardio session can also help. We suggest using the YAMUNA Foot Fitness Kit to wake your feet up and help you feel more energised throughout your work day. Using Foot Wakers for as little as 5 minutes a day whilst sitting and working on your projects will strengthen your feet, increase blood circulation and help alienate foot pain.

Working from the office isn’t all bad. Since you don’t have to run around the City, you can confidently choose high heels to wear in the office. The Elle pumps from Liam Fahy are a classic piece that will look perfect with any formal office outfit. The burgundy colour will add a fashionable twist to your work outfit. As an elegant alternative to heels, Liam Fahy also offers lace up flat shoe options. However, if you are looking to add a sophisticated edge to your work wear uniform check out the Nicole Monkstrap flats in black nappa leather and fur.


2. The Free Agent



If your job requires that you are moving around the city from client to client, the Alexandre Vauhtier gladiator mid heel ankle shooties are a great choice and are available in two colour ways, chic black or regal red. This gladiator style will fit perfectly during a busy work day, and also works well for after-hours dinner with friends. If your freelance work takes you to warmer climates, try the Giambatistta Valli Gladiator Buckle Strap Flat Sandal as a great relaxed yet chic workwear alternative. If you are working from home and you prefer to be bare foot, try a few foot stretches throughout the day and elevate your feet whilst working to increase blood flow in the legs and the feet.

The end of the working day is just as important as its start! Nurture your foundation after work with a hot relaxing bath using Muscle Relaxer  Bath Salts from Yamuna Body Blends. Put a handful of the highly aromatic salts into the bath to release the essential oils, or use it as a scrub. The muscle relaxer salt blend is perfect for circulation and relaxing tight, tense muscle and body parts.


3. The Jet Setting Global Citizen 


If you travel for work regularly, you are probably all too familiar with the  tiring and sometimes tedious reality of being a global citizen. If delayed flights and queueing for security checks is not tiring enough, there is also the pressure to feel well-rested physically and mentally upon arrival so that work does not suffer. In order to be in the best shape during work travels, nurturing the foundation is key. To bring calm to what may be a hectic schedule, we recommend using Scholl Flight Socks whenever flying. Flight Socks are medically proven to improve blood flow and therefore prevent deep vein thrombosis, which can occur on long journeys due to inactivity and dehydration. It is an irreplaceable, simple remedy that will help your relieve tired legs and swollen ankles, so you arrive at your work destination feeling refreshed and your legs feeling revitalised.

Once your lower limbs are rejuvenated, the Alexander Wang Ana Low Heel Pumps are the epitome of style without sacrifice. They are easy to slip off and are perfect for standing in airport queues, a perfect option for busy feet. Bon voyage!


4. The Fashionista

Every fashionista needs that one piece of footwear that will wow and fill colleagues with serious shoe-envy! The Alexander Vauthier ankle tie stiletto sandal with gold embellishments is that pair. Boasting an impressive 4 inch stiletto heel, some may believe that this sultry sandal will be unkind to the feet. However, this collection was designed to ensure that all the pieces were #MADE-for-walking. Form and function were prioritised without abandoning glamour and luxury. Despite being an open toe sandal this piece can be paired with haute hosiery in the winter.

When wearing “WOW worthy stilettos”, use Legology Air Lite Daily Lift For Legs after a morning shower or before going to bed. This high performance cream completes ankle-to-buttock support and delivers deep drainage benefits. It will immediately lighten your legs and restore the contours compromised by congestion and fluid retention.

If you and your heels are truly inseparable, it is a good idea to introduce the Podiatry Treatment Package into your foot care routine. Follow up with the High Heel MOT in order to enjoy your shoes and avoid fashion foot!


This piece was edited and condensed. 

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