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If living in a warmer climate is not the norm for you, we have put together a list of 10 unexpected ways your current or future shudrobe purchases may brighten up your outfit and your outlook!


  1. Colour

Colour has been scientifically proven to affect moods. Where warm colours tend to evoke feelings that range between comfort and hostility, colder tones have been known to inspire feelings of indifference or calm. Try a blue suede shoe on days you need a dose of nonchalance, and killer red heels for dramatic effect.



2. Heel Height

A wise man once said, “When a woman puts on a heel, she has a different posture, a different attitude. She really stands up and has consciousness of her body.” Christian Louboutin was right. Heel height is the one of the most important aspects of a shoe, whilst the main reason for a high heel is to enhance natural stature, the correct heel height for the wearer will improve posture and can also evoke feelings of assertiveness and confidence, did we mention that they make the legs look amazing!



3. Style

Every woman is multi-faceted and her shudrobe should reflect this. Add a touch of glamour to a casually chic outfit with marvelous mules or an air of sophistication with strappy sandals for a night out. We all have different aspects to our personalities, and it’s fun to turn to fashion to express this.


4. Balance

They say life is all about balance, so, in times of great change or stress, why not turn to your shoes for some back-up? A stable and perfectly pitched heel can offer confidence and feelings of power.


5. Comfort

You have a secret stress-beating weapon – your shoe. However, it’s important to find a shoe that covers both physical and personal comfort to experience true bliss.


6. Exclusivity

Managing to bag an exclusive shoe that is manufactured in limited supply is satisfying for two main reasons. One. You own a shoe in a particular style or size that no-one else will ever have. Two. That exclusive shoe may turn out to have an extremely high ROI. According to the data centric website Campless, a single sneaker from the right collection, by the right designer or brand, can promise immediate returns that will beat the historic stock market yearly returns of an average of about 10%. A surefire way to increase mood immediately and for years to come!


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7. Discovery

From finding out the sex of an unborn child to realising the joys of avocado on toast, being the first to discover something new is an unparalleled feeling – none more so than finding an under the radar designer. For some the element of surprise in the process of searching and uncovering new shoe styles can bring about mood boosting feelings such as enthusiasm, excitement and pride.


8. Fit

If the shoe fits…wear it! However, there’s nothing worse than a shoe that doesn’t fit, and if your feet are suffering, you can be sure your mood will too. Checking shoe size annually will avoid size and fit issues. 


9. Quality

Not Quantity! It’s easy to get caught in a shopping frenzy, but a shoe with good craftsmanship will not only increase your enjoyment but decrease the cost per wear.


10. Harmony

It’s important to always bear in mind your existing wardrobe when shoe shopping as trying to put together an outfit post purchase may prove difficult Avoid feelings of , frustration and lateness by shopping accessory additions that will be compatible with your clothing choices.



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